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2018 Holidays via public transport 
2018 Holidays that do not need a car

This page is for guests who have already registered with us and now wish to indicate a holiday date from those we have available. If you have not already registered, please register as follows: Firefighter Registration, Grenfell Tower Residents and Neighbours Registration


If you are are already registered with Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, look at the options below and see if there is one that fits your family’s size and holiday dates. There are two lists of holidays - those where no car is needed (below) and those which need a car. Please make sure you are using the correct list. All the holidays are in self-catering apartments or holiday houses except where indicated otherwise (eg 'Caravan'). Holidays named 'coastal' will be near the sea - this could be a short bus ride away or closer. Those named 'rural' will be in a town or village further from the sea but also on a bus route. 


If there is a holiday that matches your needs, please email us using the button below. Please state clearly your NAME, the FAMILY SIZE, the HOLIDAY REFERENCE NUMBER, and confirm the DATES offered that fit you. If you will travel by train or coach, please indicate whether you will purchase your own train/coach tickets or whether you need support with this. 


eg: My name is Mohammed Azul, we are a family of 2 adults and 2 children. We would like to take holiday reference #304 for June 16-23rd. We will need help with travel tickets. Thank you.


We will then respond to you to let you know. Please note that no holiday is fixed or confirmed until you receive confirmation from us. Thank you.


This year we have had a large number of applicants and our stock of holidays is running low. We are working to increase this through fundraising. If you can’t find a suitable holiday please keep checking this page as new holidays are offered all the time. Thank you. 

List of holidays that do not need a car

Don’t forget to include your NAME, the FAMILY SIZE, the HOLIDAY REFERENCE NUMBER and confirm the DATES offered that fit you.

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