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Go Green for Grenfell

Go Green For Grenfell is an annual initiative to keep alive the spirit of solidarity and community that blossomed after Grenfell fire.

We’re very happy to support Grenfell United’s national initiative: #GreenForGrenfellDay and hope as many schools as possible in Cornwall will go Green for Grenfell around each anniversary. It’s a way to show solidarity and celebrate community. Please follow the links for school and workplace packs.  Let us know what you’re doing and we’ll publicise it. 


This is a fabulous way to explore with children themes of ‘who is my neighbour’ and how one community can reach out in solidarity to another. Through the charity Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, Cornwall has played a huge part, welcoming hundreds of guests affected by Grenfell. You might like to listen to or sing our song of solidarity 'GRENFELL: From Today’ and follow the link on our web page to register for FREE SHEET Music. This song has been specifically written with school choirs in mind. We’ll be listing schools who are joining. The words are poignant and a great text for discussion, ending in a hopeful chorus: 


 Chorus:         A new day, a new way

                        To create a world we’re worthy of

                        A new day, a new way

                        We must listen and learn to love

                        From Today


You can email us your plans:


Looking forward to see what you get up to!

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