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PR26: Cornwall Hugs Grenfell shines a light on ‘💚 Grenfell Street’, Mousehole

Invites Christmas Lights Visitors to Pay their Respects at 30 Month Anniversary

Thanks Cornwall for Another Year of Solidarity

At the end of a year, which saw Cornwall welcome over 100 more Grenfell guests for respite holidays, the new ‘Grenfell Street 💚’sign in Mousehole will be illuminated over the Christmas period, as a mark of respect and Cornwall’s solidarity with the Grenfell Tower community. This solidarity has been practically expressed in the work of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. Through the charity, Since the fire on June 14th, 2017, which claimed 72 lives including 18 children, Cornwall has provided over 480 respite holidays for survivors, the bereaved and firefighters.

The famous Mousehole Christmas Lights switch-on and carolaire coincides this year with the monthly silent walk on in London W11. Poignantly, at exactly this time on December 14th, the Grenfell Community will, once again be walking in silence, in their thousands, through Kensington, to remember those who died and to highlight their bid for housing safety across the UK.

‘We’ve decorated the new Grenfell Street sign with some simple green lights. Our hope is that as the thousands of visitors pass on Dec 14th and over Christmas, they will pause to pay their respects to our ‘sister’ community in London. They might even like to share their solidarity with #LoveGrenfell. Christmas can can be a particularly difficult time for the bereaved and the Grenfell community very much values our support from 300 miles away,’ says Esmé Page, founder, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. ‘The sign honours those who died and symbolises the partnership which has blossomed between Cornwall and Kensington. This community solidarity is so relevant to celebrate at Christmas as a counter-narrative to the perceived division in our country. I remember in August that Bishop Philip spoke a beautiful blessing over the street sign, about it inspiring people ‘to partner with others, grow together and be family together,’ That’s exactly what we hope will happen, when so many visitors to Mousehole see it for the first time.’

'This sign will stand for friendship, it will stand for partnership, it will stand for justice, it will stand for the Cornish spirit of One and All and the Grenfell spirit of being united. May those who walk along this street, see it and smile, and find for themselves, inspiration to partner with others, to grow together and be family together, Rt Rvd Bishop Philip of Truro at the unveiling of the Grenfell Street sign in August of this year.

Thank you Cornwall!

Speaking at the time of the unveiling in August, Karim Mussilhy, Vice Chair of Grenfell United voiced that same sentiment in his thanks to the Cornish community, saying, ‘You haven’t just made us welcome as friends, I feel like I’ve made a new family.’ As a busy year draws to a close, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell echoed this message of thanks. ‘From large organisations like Eden Project and NT St Michael’s Mount, to little family businesses, like Cormorant Cruises, and scores of cottage owners, we’d like to thank everyone who has, once again this year, come together to make this healing work possible,’ says Esmé Page. ‘Through your generosity and empathy, you have given the very precious gift of hope to so many Grenfell families. It really has been a huge Cornish team effort. Thank you!’

More about the Grenfell Street sign

The Grenfell Street sign with its iconic green Grenfell heart, was unveiled on August 29th by Grenfell survivor and bereaved children and Patch Harvey, coxswain of the Penlee Lifeboat, in a ceremony organised by Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. The ceremony was opened by Mousehole Male Voice Choir singing, ‘You’ll never walk alone,’ and addresses were given by Karim Mussilhy, Vice Chairman of Grenfell United, the action group of survivors and the bereaved, which fights for housing safety, and by The Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Colonel Edward Bolitho.

The 200 year old granite street in the picturesque fishing village of Mousehole, is thought to be named for the 18th century Cornish Grenfell family, one of whose descendants gave his name to Grenfell Tower. Until August, however, the street bore no street sign. The new sign was erected in collaboration with Cornwall Council and created pro bono by Cormac. It stands as a mark of respect for the lost and as a symbol of the relationship that has blossomed between Cornwall and Kensington, through the work of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell.


Esmé Page via 07803 594 285

Cornwall Hugs Grenfell is part of Cornwall Hugs (#1177796) and was started by Esmé Page on June 20th 2017 with a Facebook post, ‘Imagine if we could put a Cornish holiday on the horizon of every Grenfell resident and firefighter family: a time to rest, a time to let our beautiful county bless these people and work its gentle magic.’ Since then over 480 guests have come to Cornwall for respite through the project, including survivors, the bereaved, displaced neighbours and firefighters. The charity received 300+ pledges of holiday accommodation and is supported by over 250 businesses as well as by individuals, choirs and churches throughout Cornwall and beyond.

Grenfell United

Grenfell United is the group of survivors and bereaved families from the Grenfell Tower fire. They have come together to campaign for justice and change, and to make sure everyone is safe in their homes.

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