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Grenfell Solidarity Song Goes Global

3500 voices worldwide to sing of remembrance, solidarity and community spirit

‘Massive musical hug for Grenfell’

Grenfell From Today’ in top 5 Classical Songs on iTunes

A ‘song for sharing’, ‘Grenfell From Today’, released on June 8th ahead of the anniversary of Grenfell Tower Fire, has, in just four days, inspired choirs all over the world to join in solidarity. Choirs, schools and individuals representing over 3,500 voices have downloaded the free sheet music with many scheduling performances this anniversary week. The charity single released by Universal Music Operations also shot to no2 in iTunes classic songs, (outflanked only by Ed Sheeran’s Classic Symphony) within 12 hours of release and remains in the top five ranking.

Inspired by charity Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, written by Philip Stopford and Andrew Longfield and recorded by the choristers of Truro Cathedral Choir, the song is being learned by schools, choirs and individuals form Buenos Aires to Stockholm, Minneapolis to Moscow and even in Auckland New Zealand, as well as all over the UK including in the heart of Kensington.

‘This is like a massive musical hug for Grenfell. We thought this would meet a national need to express solidarity but in fact, the community that cares is global and very diverse,’ said Esme Page, founder Cornwall Hugs Grenfell which has brought over 250 Grenfell survivors, bereaved and firefighters to Cornwall for respite holidays. ‘We’ve cathedral choirs singing it, school children from reception up and singers living with disabilities, as far away as New Zealand. Everyone just wants to show their love and we hope people will keep singing and buying the single to support those affected.’ (details below).

Liverpool and Leicester Cathedrals have downloaded the sheet music and Lincoln Cathedral will stage a performance on Friday 15th June at The International Bomber Command Centre with the director of music writing, ‘The text and setting of the words are perfect for this concert.’

In Buenos Aires, the Ensemble Enyard will sing the song at a Mass while in the heart of the Grenfell community, Thomas’ Kensington Choir will sing ‘Grenfell From Today’ on July 1st as part of a special children’s service to commemorate the one year anniversary of the disaster.

School heads use Grenfell song to deepen children’s understanding of community

Well over 2000 school children will be singing the song this week across the UK, with the website taking multiple new sign-ups by the hour. Many schools are using the song in assembly in combination with national Green For Grenfell Day June 15th, with heads welcoming the words and music as a way of deepening the children’s understanding of the tragic event but also the community spirit which rose up in response.

‘We want our children to recognise that singing is a very powerful way of gaining a connection and togetherness with others. Through our singing we will be engaging emotionally and reflecting on those who lost their lives their lives,’ said Jane Sargent, Trewirgie Junior School, Cornwall with 360 children will sing the song on Green For Grenfell Day.

Cheltenham Chapel College Choir will sing the song today June 12th with St John’s Cheltenham Primary song and at multiple occasions this week amounting to over 1000 singers joining in. Its director of music, David McKee commenting, ‘It’s an important cause and great to keep awareness going a year on. It’s a privilege to be abel to share this in community as part of our partnership programme’

Wimbledon High School was one of the first schools to take up the song, tweeting today,’So excited to start learning this in rehearsal this morning.’ ’A year on, remembering the event is still important. To commemorate the victims with music is one of the best ways of showing our support and remembrance,’ said Anna Year 12 and Director of Music, Richard Bristow, commented, “We are proud to support Truro Cathedral Choir and other choirs around the world in performing this piece, commemorating the tragic events that happened a year ago.”

Of all the choirs joining Page said she was most touched by the CeleBRation Choir in Auckland New Zealand, a singing group for 50 people living with neurological conditions, whose music therapist is planning to simplify and teach the song, prompted by the connections many of her choir have to London and to Cornwall. ‘People are willing to overcome any barrier to show their love to those affected by Grenfell and survivors are telling us just how important that is in this very difficult week.’

‘I’m so thrilled to hear that so many children and adults all over the world are singing Grenfell From Today,’ said composer Philip Stopford. ‘We hope this act of musical solidarity will be a comfort to all those affected.’

How to get the sheet music and buy the song

‘GRENFELL From Today’ is available to download and stream on all digital stores. All proceeds will go equally to the charities Cornwall Hugs Grenfell (#1177796) and The Grenfell Foundation (#1177575). The song also features on YouTube, with a video by Paul Caddis, including scenes from the response in W11 and survivors’ Cornish holidays.

Schools, choirs and all singers everywhere can download the sheet music via and are invited to post their performances to YouTube using the hashtag #GrenfellFromToday or simply #HugGrenfell, linking to:


Esmé Page via 07803 594 285

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]Truro Cathedral Choir choristers in rehearsal with Christopher Gary

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]Single cover, by Jon Stubbington

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]Cheltenham College Chapel Choir who are singing it today with St John’s Cheltenham Primary

[if !supportLists]4. [endif]Twitter screen shots this June 12th 2018

[if !supportLists]5. [endif]Choristers of Truro Cathedral Choir at rest between rehearsals



There are sights we should never behold

There are souls that cannot be consoled

Beautiful memories lost to the flames

The loved and the lonely were more than just names

And the young that will never get old

As the world wonders how this could be

Such a tower of humanity

Such a beacon of dread to the living and dead

With unanswered questions and things left unsaid

Such a sight that cannot be unseen

Chorus: A new day, a new way

To create a world we’re worthy of

A new day, a new way

We must listen and learn to love

From Today

There’s a child with no words she can find

To describe all the thoughts in her mind

There’s a motherless son with a heart to be won

And a hero unsung who is coming undone

There’s a mountain of grief to be mined.

And we give all the love in our hearts

To the lives that are coming apart

To heal body and soul, take the terrible toll

We give what we can to keep families whole

We are neighbours and all play our part

Chorus: A new day, a new way

To create a world we’re worthy of

A new day, a new way

We must listen and learn to love

From Today

There’s a vow from the heart of this land

There’s a promise we all understand

From North to South, from East to West

A time to grieve a chance to rest

To our neighbours we offer our hand

Though your hearts they will never quite mend

Fall in love with your futures again

Let the joy of new memories shed light on the old

Let hope be the pathway for journeys untold

Let a stranger turn into a friend

Chorus: A new day, a new way

To create a world we’re worthy of

A new day, a new way

We must listen and learn to love

From Today

By Andrew Longfield, based on ideas from Cornwall Hugs Grenfell

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