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This Porthtowan holiday was offered by the Cornwall Hugs Grenfell community
initiative, for those bereaved by Grenfell Tower Fire
Porthtowan November 2017

"These families have attended up to five funerals in the last few months. ‘The level of trauma and bereavement in the community is unprecedented in post-war Britain. We felt it was vital to offer some respite for these grieving families - a chance to get out from under the shadow of the tower. I am especially moved by the courageous love of the mothers. They field the same agonising questions every day, comfort little ones during sleepless nights and try to reassure children when they are anxious, angry, hyper or simply not themselves."

Esme Page, Founder, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell
Comments from Families

‘I try to explain to him that she is dead but that she's in a nicer place. He starts crying and asks, ‘Did she forget me?’ I told him, ‘No she will never forget you. She will see you from the sky every day.’ Sometimes when we put him to bed he looks out of the window and says, ‘Zainab, did you see me? I miss you.’

Fatima Al Sadi, mother to Qais 5
Thank you to all our business sponsors

We estimate that donations from businesses for this holiday represent circa £35K in value. 

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