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Stand together with those who fought, escaped and witnessed the fire.
Download these images then share, save or print to show your support. Our great thanks to illustrator Jon Stubbington for once again giving so freely of his skills to turn our vision for 2019 into such a beautiful image. Paddleboarding has played a key role for parents and children alike in re-building confidence.
Jon has captured this perfectly and the sense of hope so many of 
our guests have said Cornwall gives them. 

Click on an image to get the full version; then right click to save it and share!

Cornwall Hugs Grenfell E-Cards
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Cornwall Hugs Grenfell E-Cards

Solidarity image download

Our great thanks to illustrator Jon Stubbington for his generosity in creating and donating these images for us with free use for all. Do thank him on twitter if you like them: @Jon_stubbington 
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